Mobvoi AI Recorder

Now you can transcribe your voice recordings automatically with the new Mobvoi AI Recorder.

The new innovative Mobvoi AI Recorder is a small recorder used to

. It is capable of automatically transcribing recordings. It uses AI-powered automatic audio transcription with active-noise cancellation, making it an excellent buy for students, journalists, and the like. It features dual-mic noise cancellation, an advanced AGC algorithm that reduces background noise, wifi and Bluetooth transfer support with a built-in hotspot, and more.

Sound quality

The recorder has dual-mic noise cancellation technology and an advanced AGC algorithm, which helps to significantly decrease undesirable background noise and gives a clear voice recording experience.

Speed data transfer via wifi

Mobvoi Ai recorder has built-in wifi that allows you to connect with your smartphone via the app. Transfer your recordings straight from your Mobvoi AI Recorder to your smartphone via wifi, allowing you to transfer a 1-hour recording in just 1 minute!*

Automated transcription

If you don't wish to take notes during a lecture, seminar or interview, this is what you will need. Mobvoi AI Recorder transcribes the audio to text automatically and can break a long speech up into paragraphs, making it convenient for when you want to create notes from your meeting recordings. The accuracy rate is as high as 94% in a normal situation.